Our Process

Magalarva process.png

Black Soldier Fly, or scientifically known as Hermetia illucens, is a type of fly that has many useful qualities. At their larvae stage, they are one of the fastest organism to consume organic waste: in a single day they can consume four times their body weight!

The harvested larvae then will be rich in proteins, fats and chitin, making it useful for the animal feed, pet food, and even pharmaceutical industry. They also contain fatty acids that have prebiotic and antibiotic effects that are good for animals. Moreover, as by-product of the waste-eating process, they produce high quality organic fertilizers.

Our ‘Waste’ Suppliers

Black Soldier Fly larvae can consume almost any kind of organic sidestream, such as catering & hotel waste, food & beverage factory waste, and so on. So far, we have worked with these following companies:


If your business produces homogenous organic sidestream, we would be happy to collaborate with you in managing your waste and turning them into high valued products.