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With Black Soldier Fly, Magalarva aims to solve two problems at once.


Magalarva will produce A MORE SUSTAINABLE protein
for livestock feed and pet food

Protein is one of the most important nutrients in every living species, it takes up to 40% inside our food chain. To produce protein from animals such as livestock and aquaculture, animal feed is required. In fact, over 60% of livestock and aquaculture cost is for animal feed. The main protein sources used in animal feed today are unsustainable fish and soybean meal, which either destroys the marine ecosystem or requires so much land and water. On the other hand, our pets also need protein from livestock and aquaculture. That makes pets a competitor to human for the already limited protein source.

A sustainable and affordable protein source is much needed, and this is where Black Soldier Fly plays a role. Their larvae is rich in protein, making it a suitable substitute for fish or soybean meal, and it’s also a great protein source for pets.


Magalarva will recycle organic waste and use it as a feedstock for Black Soldier Fly

In Indonesia, majority of the waste is organic and it represents the biggest waste problem. The waste system is a sad story, where in Jakarta alone, the number is 7000 tons of waste every day and 60% of it is organic. 93% of those are mismanaged (69% of it goes to landfill).

Magalarva uses Black Soldier Fly as the solution because it is one of the fastest, the most sustainable, and the most scalable method for eliminating organic waste. Magalarva is working closely with industrial food and beverage factories to manage their organic sidestream of over 2 tons/day.

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Magalarva have vast network of organic waste supply of over 100 ton/day in indonesia

We have a partnership with multiple food and beverages factories one of which is the largest chain in Indonesia ranging from milk, beer, snacks, drinks, etc. We formulated the best mix of the organic waste for the best result of larvae products. 

Magalarva have DEVELOPED one of the most EFFICIENT PROCESS IN PRODUCING HIGH QUALITY Black Soldier Fly LARVAE in indonesia

We have developed an efficient production process that covers optimum food conversion rate, larvae weight multiplying rate and survival rate, as well as land and manpower efficiency. Through continuous research, we will constantly improve our process to reach operational excellence.

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