Magalarva produces sustainable protein for animal feed by bio-converting organic waste using Black Soldier Fly.


Magalarva is one of the fastest growing Black Soldier Fly protein producing company based in Indonesia. We bring organic sidestream back into the food system by bio-converting them into high quality products using Black Soldier Fly larvae. We process organic sidestreams cleanly from producers such as food and beverages factories, traditional and modern markets, catering & hotels, or plantations. Magalarva products range from protein for animal feed and pet food, and organic fertilizer. Magalarva is also developing other products from Black Soldier Fly derivatives, such as for pharmaceutical, insect oil, and even human food.

Our Vision

Magalarva aims to provide sustainable protein as one of the solution to increasing environmental and protein scarcity problem caused by the ever growing population, while closing the loop of consumption by eliminating organic waste build up for a more sustainable future.

Our Mission

Produce sustainable, high quality products through operational excellence and constant research and development.


Magalarva started in 2017 with a couple of friends trying to change the world for the better. We discussed over how we can create a more sustainable future, and come up with several ideas. But not until we visited Jakarta’s landfill in Bantar Gebang that we know for sure that waste problem is the most urgent for us to solve.

At the landfill, we saw mountains of waste everywhere we look. And with the 7000 tons of waste that Jakarta produces everyday, it’s just going to build up more and more. As 60% of it were organic waste, our trip to the landfill drives us into researching about Black Soldier Fly (BSF). And what we found is even better: BSF larvae are not only one of the fastest eliminator of organic waste, but they are also rich in nutrients such as essential proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which make them a sustainable alternative to tackle protein scarcity, another major problem that we need to address.

After learning all the facts, we know that BSF is the way to go. With the help of these flies, we aim to produce sustainable high quality animal feed, while reducing as much as organic waste from ending up in landfills all over Indonesia.

We conducted research in our lab facility for the best way to optimise this natural process, as well as creating a scalable and sustainable business model. Then in August 2018, Magalarva’s pilot facility started its BSF larvae commercial production operations.

Rendria foto.png

Rendria Labde

Founder, CEO

Angku foto.png

Angku Rai

Finance & Business Strategist

Arunee foto.png

Arunee Sarasetsiri

Co-Founder, COO

Oki foto.png

Oktrianto Bagus

Sales & Market Strategy

Ijun foto2.png

Hafizhun Soekiswo

Head of Biology Research

Rhesa foto.png

Rhesa Avila Zainal

Process Engineer